Mission Statement

As a Creative Arts Project our aim is to improve the life quality of ourselves and others through creativity to encourage positive self-expression and wellbeing. It is our belief that through any form of artistic expression there is potential for self-healing and self-development.

This project works with all and is for all. We are experienced Teachers and Creative Artists, with experience of working in therapeutic settings. We offer a range of services and can work collaboratively with community organisations, schools, daycentres, etc., including workshops.

We are an alliance of sole traders: Karen Schofield and Stuart Price

Services & Products

We offer participative collaborative projects with a range of communities, organisations, daycentres, youth groups, schools, residential etc..

We can work with voluntary sector or not-for profit groups to design and secure funding for medium to larger sized projects.

Products and downloads available from our ONLINE SHOP.

Current Projects

Community newspaper. First edition expected Spring 2019. Paper and electronic versions.

Performances & sessions for all ages and abilities.READ MORE

Low budget ecological garden design and maintenance. For your perfect garden. Mowing, weeding, etc.. READ MORE

The Puppet Laboratory. Performances and workshops for all ages and abilities; schools, youth & community, special needs, etc.. READ MORE

Karen Schofield Photography. READ MORE

Can offer 1:1 and group tuition for fitness or self defence. READ MORE


The Puppet Laboratory has been in existence since 1984, performing a range of puppet shows. Currently we offer "Duffy the Dancer", a "living marionette" puppet, suitable for events, fetes, parties etc..

We are also offering puppet-making workshops, "litter monsters", using a range of safe recyclable materials, typical contents of a domestic recycling bin. The workshop is suitable for community centres, playschemes, schools, etc. For work in schools, we can cross-reference workshop activities to the National Curriculum. The workshop is designed not only to be fun and creative, but also to raise awareness about issues around litter, plastics, packaging etc..

martial arts

Karen is an experienced practitioner of mixed martial arts; principally Shotokan Karate. She also has experience of teaching different systems, using the various philosophies to develop a self defence style to suit all. All welcome, including absolute beginners and children.


We have extensive experience in running participative music-making workshops for people with a range of disabilities; learning difficulties, autistic spectrum, mental health issues, etc.. We are currently also interested in extending this work for people suffering with dementia, altzheimers, etc..

Musicians: We are available as a rhythm section for ensemble playing.