I am a photographer, creative artist and qualified teacher & tutor based in Stockport. I believe that creative practice is a deep expression of oneself. My personal practice is to work to explore experiences and emotions; confronting their poignancy and learning their positive message. I use photography to record the world around me; the nature and beauty of things and life. My work also aims to enhance awareness of and communicate important personal and social issues.

These themes I develop through working with young people, families and communities. I also collaborate as a freelancer with other creatives and organisations interested in using the creative arts as a tool to explore personal and social issues.

Addtionally I practice and teach various martial arts and am currently developing a self defence system to suit all, especially women.



I work in a variety of genres. All photos on this page are mine. FLICKR


HERSAY. South Asian women's group; technical photography skills.

ARC: Arts for Recovery in the Community. Mental health users group.
Produced exhibition for NHS mental health ward.

ALCHEMY ARTS. Sessions and varied workshops.

CURRENT PROJECT: "a portrait of you as you are meant to be"
Suitable for all. CONTACT for further details.