Story of my life journey so far

Born February 1951, Leicester UK. Mum and Dad were tenant farmers until we moved to Hinckley at age 4/5; eldest of 4 children. Spent entire childhood observing and learning about nature. In infant school started learning the violin... still learning, plus have added double bass, guitar and celtic harp. In secondary school felt strong and enduring pull towards addressing the damage we are doing to the natural world. First degree: Ecology.

Decade of 1970's

Began Youth & Community Work career in area of creative arts development. At same time, s/employed graphic designer and magazine publisher; Midland Star and assistant/editor New Humanity magazine. First contact with The Findhorn Foundation.

Decade of 1980's

Completed teaching qualification, travelled in India and moved to Birmingham, UK. Married and helped raise family. Deputy Co-ordinator of South Aston Community Project; a large and successful resident-led project on a social housing estate. For Birmingham City Council, managed an Arts budget plus chaired 1-day conference for UK Local Authorities on local currency schemes. With Leicester City Council Dept of Community Economic Development worked as independent consultant with local residents and professionals to further develop a city wide local currency scheme.

Decade of 1990's

With Makbul Choudhrey, established South Birmingham Community Television, in partnership with Birmingham City Council and South Birmingham College.

Decade of 2000's

Completed masters degree at Birmingham University. Thesis theme: to model idea that the values and principles of the "caring professions" are no longer compatible with the culture, working practices, resource depletion and management style of their employers; large government (local & national) bureaucracies. Moved to High Peak, worked as LA social worker with elderly and disabled adults.

Decade of 2010's

Worked at Manchester University (Access Summit) as Study Coach with students in receipt of the Disabled Student Allowance. Learned that a major influence to our human experience and sense of well-being is the "story in the mind" that we use to guide our life. Trained and qualified for Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. Now retired.

Writing and Publications

"Changing Times". High Peak online magazine for global society in transition. Articles and links to "change agents". Published bi-monthly. Free subscription. LINK

"Between Worlds": interactive, graphical, online magazine, 40 pages, considers the perspective that our current society, our collective and individual lifestyles, the expression of a blueprint established during The Industrial Revolution (1730-50 approx), has to urgently change. That transformation is now taking place as the groupings for the new world are appearing. LINK.



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